Flex'ion Batteries


Built with proven Super Lithium Iron Phosphate (SLF P ) technology, Flex’ion offers superior performance whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety, reliability and availability. Flex’ion modular design provides outstanding system flexibility in terms of power, operating voltage and backup time answering your specific application’s needs.

Flex’ion battery systems are designed for AC and DC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), ancillary power backup and switchgear applications in mission critical facilities, such as data centers, telecom, offshore / onshore oil & gas and utility markets.

Flex'ion advanced Li-ion battery solutions are fully IEC, UL and UN certified to address the most demanding market requirements.

  • This cutting-edge battery system delivers a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), an industry-leading power and energy density, and an outstanding 97% roundtrip* effciency that reduces power consumption.
  • It is available either as a full system including cabinets or as a kit of subcomponents to be integrated with power electronic equipment.

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