Evolution Series E9000

Motor Control Centers

Evolution Series E9000


The Evolution Series E9000 Motor Control Center provides a safe, flexible and centralized means to protect and control motors. Since 1948, ABB has driven the development of motor control centers, from the first plug-in combination starter to the first fully segregated units to contain fault damage.

The Evolution Series E9000 introduced the first 600A plug-in units and the first snap-in low voltage vertical barriers.

Evolution's 850A Vertical Bus, Snap-In Shelves, Plug-In Feeders to 600A, and Plug-In Starters to Size 5 provide customers with more flexibility to move buckets around and add them in the future.

These evolutionary advances extend to versatility in application - from the most complex auxiliary drive systems to the most basic control of fan or pump motors. They also embrace the scope and caliber of components and systems required to satisfy those applications, from the latest in solid-state starters and drives to world-class programmable logic control to a wide variety of proven control and distribution devices.

  • Evolution's Minimum 65KAIC Bus Bracing Standard:  Provides customers with the ability to expand as their system requirements grow.
  • Seismic Rating: Certified to IBC-2006 3D shake table testing and qualified to the seismic requirements of IEEE-693-2005.
  • Plug-In Starters to Size 5: Customers can now plug Starters up to Size 5, allowing easy installation and removal. In addition, Size 5 starters have been reduced to 36" high, so two can now fit in a single MCC section
  • Plug-In Feeder Circuit Breakers Now up to 600A: Largest selection of plug-in feeders in the Industry provides customers increased flexibility to quickly move buckets.
  • Drives Rated to 100 KAIC:  Drives are rated to 100KAIC without fuses, saving customers footprint and additional expense.
  • Multilin MM200 and MM300 MotorManagement Relays: The newest options for the Evolution Series E9000 MCC are the Multilin MM200 and MM300 protection relays. They provide the latest technology in motor protection and control found in high-end protection relays. The features are suitable for process applications requiring varying levels of diagnostics and control; for critical applications requiring remote monitoring; and for high-speed control on a network separate from data acquisition.

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