Online UPS Dragon Power Plus 10 Series (10-50kVA)


The Dragon Power Plus 10 Series (10-50 KVA) series is an online double conversion technology.

This UPS has a modular rack design that is compatible with a standard 19" rack, to be integrated into the server cabinet.

It has a 10 KVA power module in 2U height, saving a lot of space.



  • UPS can be integrated with battery cabinet, PDU and external maintenance bypass, offering excellent choice for the datacenter. 
  • System can intelligently shut down some power modules  to increase total load rate, achieving higher efficiency.
  • Friendly interface with 7"color touch LCD with graphic display, more information displayed and easier for customer to operate.
  • Intelligent charging management: The system intelligently control the whole process of the charging and discharging, effectively improving the lifetime of the battery.

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