Panel Board - A-Series* II Branch Circuit Monitoring


The path to saving energy starts with energy monitoring. With its ability to identify usage down to the individual branch circuit, this panelboard delivers that information, so people can act on it.

Just tie your AQ or AE A-Series II panelboard with branch circuit monitoring (BCM) into a building automation system for circuit meter usage tracking and detailed energy power monitor capabilities.

Now offering Split or Solid Core based BCM - See features below.

  • Monitors each circuit in the panelboard (up to 84 circuits,125A max), with an option of monitoring the mainbreaker by adding on additional split core CTs.
  • Monitors voltage, amperage, power, and energy - reporting a significant amount of data to analyze for potential cost-saving actions.
  • User configurable alarm registers allow you to set thresholds, which helps with load management.
  • Communicates via Modbus RTU, a versatile and widely used protocol.
  • A-Series II panelboard features:
    - Symmetrical design - top or bottom mount
    - Galvanized enclosures with removable endwalls
  • BCM features - Solid Core BCM:
    - IEC Class 1 metering accuracy
    - Monitor up to 126 panelboards on one RS-485 drop
    - Reports volts, amps, power, and energy for each circuit
    - Monitors 84 circuits
  • Split Core BCM features - in addition to Solid Core features listed above:
    - Capability to monitor 110A and 125A
    - Flexibility to monitor from 12 to 42 circuits

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