Dry Type Transformers

General Purpose


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ABB’s type QL K-Factor transformers are designed to withstand the additional heating that accompanies the presence of harmonics in electrical systems. K-Factor transformers are designed not to eliminate harmonics, but to withstand their negative effects. They are available with aluminum or copper windings and in all three temperature rise ratings. Type QL transformers meet DOE 2016 efficiency standards.

  • Built on strong material to extend its durability
  • Designed to help reduce operating costs
  • Easy access for installation and service
  • K-Factor rated for harmonic generated non-linear loads 
  • Full-width copper electrostatic shielding standard
  • Unique core and coil design using grain-oriented silicon steel
  • Core and coil assemblies mounted on rubber isolation pads
  • Single piece front/back
  • Outward-facing feet 
  • Lifting eyes provided in the top clamp
  • Lug kit included up through 150kVA
  • Copper ground bar kit included up through 150kVA
  • Copper ground strap

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