Modular UPS Dragon Power Plus 60 Series (60-720kVA)


The Dragon Power Plus 60 Series modular UPS (60-720 KVA) is a three - phase UPS with modular design, which adopts online double conversion.

The Dragon Power Plus 60  Series (60-720 KVA) is considered to be the best solution for Mega Datacenters.


• 3P/3P, Online double conversion
• Fully digital control, flexible and robust
• 7 & 10 inch touch LCD, with IoT functions.
• High reliability and environment adaptability, with protection of components level.
• Intelligent system self-diagnosis, rich fault recording, large capcity of history record storage space.
• Maximum system capacity up to 1.8MVA, the best solution for mega data center.

Dragon Power Plus 60 (60-720 KVA)- Brochure (en)

Dragon Power Plus 60 (60-720 KVA)- User Manual (en)



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