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Edge computing is speeding up IT by bringing the network closer to the data to reduce latency and increase real-time analysis. From the plant floor to the subway tunnel and remote desert solar installations, the Internet of Things (IoT) is integrating sensors, data and systems to help decentralize and localize control over the systems that run the world today.

Edge data centers can handle a wide variety of tasks, not just data capture and condition monitor-ing. With critical processes, such as controlling traffic flows or monitoring production processes, it is particularly vital for an edge data center to reflect the availability of the application.

Rittal presents the all-in-one solution for edge applications, or anywhere you need a remote, compact data center. Multiple design offerings allow complete scalability.

  • One or two rack configurations with low and medium density cooling options
  • Ideal for remote locations and uncontrolled environments
  • Remote monitoring of power and enclosure conditions
  • Easily scalable, complete infrastructure solution
  • LCP DX for up to 12 kW cooling load, Blue e+ air conditioner up to 5.8 kW
  • Open loop for room conditioning, closed loop for in-rack cooling
  • In-rack fire suppression optional


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