Zenith Energy Commander

Paralleling Switchgear (PSG)

Zenith Energy Commander


GE's Zenith Energy Commander Parallleling Switchgear(PSG) has become the leader in supplying solutions to simple and very complex systems due to its design flexibility and reliability.Energy Commander has been providing customer facilities with reliable power switching systems since 1981. Since the inception of paralleling switchgear, many successful Energy Commander installations have been supplied with a focus on providing reliability.Energy Commander has evolved and adapted to the changing technologies in engine generator design, switchgear controls and monitoring systems. It reflects GE's continuing commitment to reliable solutions for critical power applications.

Systems in which part of the load is very critical may be best served by paralleling one or more generator sets. Under parallel operation all the generator sets are started at once. The first set to reach the proper parameters will assume the most critical portion of the load, with the remaining sets picking up lower priority loads. In addition, by using a load shedding application, the failure of one generator set will not interrupt power to the critical loads, as less important loads can be dropped off the line.

  • Intuitive interface makes operation simple. Little or no learning curve required to operate system.
  • A main screen with navigation buttons and non-system critical button/switches.
  • System testing screen allowing the operator to manually initiate automatic system testing operations.
  • Generator interface settings latched into the PLC control system upon entry.
  • System load add/shed manual control redundant to hard-wired manual control switches in master control.
  • Generator optimization settings latched into PLC control system upon entry.
  • The system is designed to dynamically add or shed load based on the system load level rather than using inflexible load blocks.
  • The system is programmed to dynamically track the size of each load individually. This allows the system to quickly determine exactly how many loads are to be added to or shed from the system, whether it is in the middle of the afternoon or in the middle of the night.
  • A GE governor controller is supplied which has the functionality required by different applications and the flexibility to communicate with all types of existing engines. (Can be used in conjunction with speed controller or can do it itself.)

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