ABB Switchboard Spectra* Series


Spectra* Series


Our group mounted switchboard product lines offer a broad range of features and capabilities providing the optimum solution for a wide range of needs. Among the key features are traditional bolted construction for molded case, stored energy insulated case circuit breakers and steel frame ANSI breakers; Draw out construction for insulated case and steel frame circuit breakers; and patented pressure connect molded case circuit breakers offering some of the benefits of draw-out breakers at a group mounted price and size.

  • Spectra line offers the bolted and pressure connected designs along with draw-out or stationary mains.
  • AV5 line offers almost any combination of breakers sizes and mounting styles that may be needed.
  • Rugged construction - Specially designed bus structure enabling them to withstand the damaging effects of a short circuit for at least 3 cycles - a feature normally found only in switchgear.
  • Broad Functionality - Similar overall functionality to comparable ANSI-rated switchgear.
  • Multiple locations - Factories and Assembly Centers distributed throughout the world.
  • Cost effective design - Saves you money as functional alternative to switchgear.
  • microEntelliGuard* Trip Unit: SG600 and SK1200 are optionally available with the microEntelliGuard trip unit, which offers expanded functionality in the same space-saving size of standard Spectra RMS breakers.
  • EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit is standard in Powerbreak II breakers and offers optimum circuit protection and system reliability simultaneously, with little or no compromise to either of these critical functions.
  • Integrated Submetering - EPM 1500 Single-point Submetering System and EPM 4500 Multi-point Submetering System are available (optional).

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