Two Phase UPS - Dragon Power Six Series (6kVA)


The  Dragon Power Six  Series is a double conversion technology for effectively isolate disturbances network and allows longer uptime loading activity. Patented modular design to improve flexibility of expansion and energy maintenance.

Patented modular design to improve expansion flexibility and power management. Due to its design, quick repair and maintenance can be carried out.

• Output power factor 1.0 
• 50/60 HZ Convertible Mode Frequency
• ECO mode for energy saving.
• DSP technology (Digital Signal Processing) guarantees high reliability.
• Compatible to connect a Generator:
this UPS can accept a generator
as a source of energy and yet convert perfect energy to connected loads.
• Multiple UPS can form easily a
complete system according to
customers' demand.
• In case of any emergency or fire
control mechanism EPO can instantly
turn off the system.


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