Ex-Way - Busduct Series


The unique design of Ex-way Busduct results in a high short-circuit capability. Its all-aluminum housing provides for effective heat radiation resulting in fewer conductors and a smaller size. Ex-way's compact size requires less space than cable and its light weight construction makes installation easier and faster.

These features contribute to a more economical installation.

The flexibility of horizontal and vertical installation makes Ex-way ideal for equipment room applications. And the plug-in boxes provide means to directly distribute loads. The seismic and explosion proof design of Ex-way provides greater safety than other means of power distribution.

Plus, the high current density of the busbar design results in higher efficiency and Ex-way's extremely low impedance path leads to a low voltage drop.

  • Available in Aluminum or Copper
  • Conductivity levels of greater than 99% (Cu) and 61% (Al)
  • Contact areas can be either tin or silver plated
  • Current capabilities up to 6000A for both Cu and Al
  • Up to 200% Neutral available
  • Fluidized bed epoxy coating provides Class B (130°C) insulation.
  • Superior to film and spray-on epoxy.
  • Two-piece extruded aluminum housing
  • Housing provides integrated ground conductor
  • Internal ground of 50% or 100% available
  • Standard IP 54 rating, up to IP65/66
  • UL Certified
  • Competitive pricing

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