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2021, ¿Time for Blackouts?

Luis Escobar
Posted by Luis Escobar on Feb 26, 2021 7:04:38 PM

On November 9, 1965, a major electrical blackout left eight states on the North American East Coast paralyzed for thirteen hours, with more than 35 million people in the dark, causing problems in air traffic, in the media, in the underground networks, and even many people were imprisoned in the elevators.

Now in 2021, the United States and Mexico are dealing with the same problem. The reason, according to the authorities, is that the low temperatures that have been registered in the United States caused the freezing of many pipelines and reservoirs, rendering more than half of the natural gas wells useless, which caused an increase in the demand for hydrocarbon.

In times of blackouts, products such as UPS, Generators and electrical equipment are essential in the economic and social life of a country in , because even if an electrical network seems stable, there are always events that can get out of control and slow down the operation.


It is not about replacing the electrical network, but about helping you in a blackout evento so that the operations of your business and life are not drastically affected.



-Depending on the geographical area where you live: There are places more affected with natural disasters such as cyclones, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, snowfall.

-Depending on the quality of electrical service: there are seasons or hours where electrical service is deficient

-Distance to urban areas: Away from urban areas, the service may possibly be of poor quality.

-Electrical Maintenance: Suspension of electrical service for maintenance.

-Hotels: Their essence is to give the best service to guests , so they require electricity. In addition, some hotels being in tropical areas can suffer natural disasters such as hurricanes.

-To save lives: Hospitals and health centers must have these equipment forcibly. Operating rooms, ventilators, tomographs, and many computers require continuous electricity to function.

-Industry: Some products for example, require permanent freezing, the lack of light, would cause losses.

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