ABB UPS - Powerscale (10-50kVA)


This new generation of transformer-less UPS responds to all major concerns of IT and facility managers. As saving costs and 100 percent uptime are their top priorities, PowerScale offers the lowest cost of ownership of any UPS system by providing energy efficiency, scalable flexibility, highest availability and easy serviceability.

  • Output power factor = 0.9
  • Inbuilt autonomy up to 1 hour
  • Best-in-class compactness
  • Input power factor PF = 0.99
  • Up to 95.5% efficiency in double conversion mode and 98% efficiency in eco-mode
  • Ripple-free battery charging increases battery life
  • Wide input voltage range (–20 %/+15 %) at full load
  • Up to 20 units in parallel configuration
  • Server rooms
  • Networks,
  • Small Data Centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Health care infrastructures
  • Banking
  • Industrial applications

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