ABB Modular UPS - DPA 120 UL (20-600kW at 208V)


Modular decentralized parallel architecture for small to mid-sized data centers from 20 kW to 600 kW at 208V.

Conceived for small to mid-sized data centers, ABB’s modular Conceptpower DPA 120 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) fulfill power requirements from 20 kW to 600 kW at 208V and provide maximum availability for those who aim for zero downtime as well as a low cost of ownership.

99.9999% (6 nines) availability

  • Decentralized Parallel Architecture
  • Replace or add modules with no downtime
  • Short mean time to repair
  • Eliminates single points of failure

Cost effective "right-sizing"

  • Pay as you grow
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability

Low total cost of ownership

  • True online efficiency: 208/120V up to 94% at nominal load
  • Eco-mode efficiency ≥ 99%
  • Small footprint / high power density
  • Unity power factor (kW = kVA)
  • Small datacenters
  • Mid-sized datacenters
  • Server rooms and IT applications
  • Critical process protection

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